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Explore the full potential of blockchain-powered games while earning their cryptocurrencies at the same time.



Cryptocurrencies you earn are tradeable on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase and KuCoin.


Discover how different blockchains work with real-life transactions.


Just like trading card games (TCG), all assets you own are stored in your wallet address.


Prospectors is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) taking place in a 19th-century valley gold rush.

The main objective is to earn as much gold as possible from effectively managing resources, land and tools. For example, rent a land and provide job opportunities for other players to mine resources for you.

You start off with 3 workers. They serve as your “actions”, allowing you to assign any tasks as long as they are available. Supply them the tools and they are ready to take on the necessary jobs (mining for gold does not require any tools). Take note that each moving or mining action will impose a cooldown period on that worker selected. 

Therefore, Prospectors isn’t just about pointing and clicking. Every move might take between minutes to hours, so make them count!

Prospectors Game

There is also a free trade market to buy and sell resources and tools among other players, with in-game gold.

To cashout, you exchange in-game gold for PGL (Prospectors Gold) which can then be traded for EOS.


BeeHive is a “farming” game which unlike other more complex games, is very simplistic and direct.

First, you collect wax through daily airdrops, purchasing with TRON (TRX) tokens or referring other players. Wax are mainly used to buy stronger bees, expand your beehive kingdom and upgrade any framework.

The bees you own produce honey by the hour, which can be improved by trading stronger bees as well as collecting from your own beehives.

There are also medals, which reward you with wax the moment you unlock them.

BeeHive Game

All honey are freely convertible into TRON tokens, which are then cashed out to any TRON-compatible wallet or exchange such as Binance.

NOTE: Some amounts (5 – 10) of TRON (TRX) in a wallet are required before playing the BeeHive. For PC users, it is necessary to download the TronLink or TronPay browser extension to display your account’s statistics and balances.

EOS Dynasty

Also known as EOS Three Kingdoms (三国), EOS Dynasty sends players back in time to the Three Kingdoms era.

Unlike Prospectors and BeeHive, EOS Dynasty is only downloadable on Android and iOS devices. However, any PC or laptop user can install the game through an Android emulator.

Gameplay is pretty simple with this RPG + PVP hybrid. Recruit your heroes and level them up to take on increasingly stronger enemy soldiers. Bring up to three heroes into battle (march) and conquer cities and loot valuable items! Each hero has its unique ability, such as being an archer, wizard or healer.

EOS Dynasty Game

Speaking of valuable items, materials are mainly used in crafting of more powerful equipments for your heroes. But what if you’re too lazy to battle all the time? Worry not, there are mounts (e.g. azure dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird) that do your dirty work. The rarer the species, the more valuable items they bring back to you.

Also like a true PVP, battle other players and steal their Three Kingdom Tokens (TKT)!

TKTs earned from PVPs or making purchases with EOS can be staked for crafting materials or EOS.

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