Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets that have been paying without fail over the years, with extras for active members.


Satoshis per Claim

Maximum Bitcoins/ Satoshi you can claim at a time. 

Claim Interval

How often a faucet allows you to claim Bitcoins or Satoshi. 


More opportunities to earn aside from claiming.

Up to $200

1 hour

4.08% daily interest

One of the oldest paying faucets out there, FREEBITCO.IN offers the following:

    1. Hi-Lo game
    2. Match bets
    3. Lottery
    4. Rewards redemption
    5. Wagering and referral contests
    6. Daily leaderboard

In addition, members with over 30,000 Satoshis (0.0003 BTC) start earning 4.08% compounded interest yearly.

Enjoy up to 8x reward points and lottery tickets during the weekends!

Payouts are done directly to Bitcoin wallets.


6 hours

Multi-faucet + Dividend

Don’t just settle for faucets, enjoy multiple ways of growing your Bitcoins and more:

    1. Hold TXT tokens for dividends
    2. Win the jackpot with a small bet
    3. Win 500EOS in contests
    4. Play on Dice and Crash Multiplier game modes
    5. Play casino games
    6. Grab your share of the prize pool of up to $5,000

The only EOS faucet you can claim without the need to wager!

No limit (depends)

5 minutes

Daily + Multiple Bonuses

A simple yet highly-popular faucet, MOONBIT.CO.IN offers multiple bonuses which increases whenever you claim from the faucet:

    1. Daily
    2. Referral
    3. Offers completion
    4. Mystery (random)
    5. CPU mining

With the above, you get to enjoy up to 500% extra Bitcoin each claim!

COINPOT rewards you with their tokens which are convertible to any cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc…) each time you claim from their faucets.

In addition, there are also 4 additional sites run by COINPOT. Join them to maximize your earnings.

Up to 100,000+ Satoshi

Depends on region, usually 1 hour

Daily + Coin Multiplier + 5% annual interest

A well-paying faucet with multiple ways of earning:

    1. Viewing advertisements
    2. Watching videos
    3. Minesweeper
    4. Completing surveys and offers
    5. Leveling up
    6. Playing games

By staying active on the site, the coin multiplier gradually increases, earning you more coins, in addition to a daily claim bonus.

Earn 5% annual interest with a balance of at least 35,000 coins. 

Every prime number from a roll adds an extra 25 coins.

Payouts are done directly to Bitcoin wallets.

Up to $200

1 hour

6% Daily Interest

An easy and simple Bitcoin Cash faucet, FREE-BCASH offers the following:

    1. Hi-Lo game
    2. Lottery

In addition, members with 0.0025 BCH start earning 6% compounded interest daily.

Payouts are done directly to Bitcoin Cash wallets.

FREE-LITECOIN, FREE-ETHEREUM and FREE-DOGECOIN are also run by the same owner, serving as Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) faucets respectively.


30 minutes


Not just another faucet, Fire Faucet offers auto-claim, which automatically claims Bitcoin and more for you!

Just set the wallet addresses for BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, XMR and more, leave the auto-faucet window open and let the faucet do the rest!

Claim rewards as you level up, click on shortlinks, mine on your PC, complete offerwalls and watch advertisements.

Plus, all claims increase by 50% with the happy hour!

Up to 5,000 Satoshi

15 minutes

5% Daily Bonus

Another COINPOT-owned faucet, Bonus Bitcoin includes an offer wall to earn more, and also a dice game.

You choose to either claim the average amount of Satoshi or up to 5,000 Satoshi (0.00005 BTC).

The 5% daily bonus adds to your yesterday’s earnings. If you earned 1,000 Satoshi yesterday, you receive 50 extra Satoshi today.

Up to 46 Satoshi

10 minutes

Daily + 6.21% Annual Interest Rate

Paying since 2015, claiming from Yannik is similar to; you can claim whenever you want! By claiming at least once daily, you enjoy 1% loyalty bonus up to 100%.

In addition, there are a few activities to earn more Satoshis:

  1. Complete surveys and offers
  2. Play HILO multiplier game
  3. View PTC (Paid-To-Click)
  4. Earn 6.21% interest annually by storing Bitcoin in the bank
  5. Free promo codes from Twitter
  6. Promote the website

Up to 250,000 Satoshi

15 minutes


Paying out Bitcoins since 2016, Satoshi Hero incorporates casino games and offer walls to further grow your earnings.

While the amounts claimed are random, this site allows you to win up to 250,000 Satoshis, or 0.0025 BTC if you’re lucky!

Up to 3,000 Satoshi

24 hours


A faucet for advertisers, Mellow Ads gives out up to 3,000 Satoshi (0.00003 BTC) every day each claim. These credits cannot be withdrawn, and are only used for advertising. Good for free traffic to whatever websites or referral links you want to promote.

If you are a web publisher, you can also earn from advertising on their network.

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